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Academia platformthat allows you tocommunicateyourlecture materialsandcomplexmathematicalconcepts and ideasto yourstudentsand with yourcolleaguesusingdigitalpeer-reviewable documentsandinteractive graphs.

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Let students, lecturers and professors react on your notes and improve quality of your writing.


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Engage with your readers

Let students, lecturers and professors react on your notes and improve quality of your writing.

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95% of studying nowadays is search, collecting, listing, shuffling through piles of information.


The act of understanding however happens in mere seconds. It clicks, it pops out as a flash in our brains.


We were conditioned to perceive meaning through long sentences, long paragraphs and endless pages of linear text.


But our thoughts are represented in different form.


Just think how do you remember important knowledge, do you see a memorized image of raw text? Or do you rather perceive a sensation of connections emerging in your mind?


When we study, we are not really studying most of the time. We are decrypting, transforming information into a graph form that is more natural for our brains to comprehend and remember.


But what if we could see knowledge already as a graph?

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"Perhaps they view our form of writing as a wasted opportunity." - Arrival (2016)
"Mathematics is not difficult. It's just poorly written."
"To understand is to perceive patterns" - Isaiah Berlin

Possible future?

Illustratory image: Sci-fi UI by personally admired Territory Studio

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Bret victor
Bret Victor
"I intend to invent a humane medium in which the thinkers of the next century will see, understand, and create systems."
Nick sousanis
Nick Sousanis

Author of Unflattening, a dissertation entirely in a comic book format.

Manuel lima
Manuel Lima

Author of the books "Visual Complexity", "The Book of Trees" and "The Book of Circles".

Edward tufte
Edward Tufte

Pioneer in the fields of information design and data visualization. Author of "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information".

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